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IBR & Non-IBR Deaerator Tanks

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IBR & Non-IBR Deaerator Tank Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

IBR & Non-IBR Deaerator Tanks

IBR Deaerator Tanks and Non IBR Deaerator Tanks Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in India, Majorly We Serve Our Products In Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

In deaeration, dissolved gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, are expelled by preheating the feed water before it enters the boiler.

We are best IBR & Non-IBR Deaerator Tanks Manufacturers, Suppliers in India that comes with adequate controllers for easy operation. All natural waters contain dissolved gases in solution. Certain gases, such as carbon dioxide and oxygen, greatly increase corrosion. When heated in boiler systems, carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) are released as gases and combine with water (H2O) to form carbonic acid, (H2CO3).

Removal of oxygen, carbon dioxide and other non-condensable gases from boiler feedwater is vital to boiler equipment longevity as well as safety of operation. Carbonic acid corrodes metal reducing the life of equipment and piping. It also dissolves iron (Fe) which when returned to the boiler precipitates and causes scaling on the boiler and tubes. This scale not only contributes to reducing the life of the equipment but also increases the amount of energy needed to achieve heat transfer.

THERMIN ENERGY design,manufacture,srect and commission Tray Cum Spray Type De-aerator.